Rock N Boom Fireworks is a fireworks stand in Katy TX with 4 locations.

Rock N Boom Fireworks came about from a want to give back to local organizations.  Like many families in the Katy community, our children were actively involved in clubs and activities that needed fundraising and other volunteer efforts to keep them operational. Most of these fundraising activities were a lot of work, not very fun, and seemed to raise little money. They were just a necessary evil. However a few years ago, our 2 families had an opportunity to run a fireworks stand for a swim team fundraiser. The kids were able to raise a good amount of money for their team in a matter of days, and we all had a BLAST! We learned a great deal from that opportunity, and we began talking about the possibility of starting our own fireworks company to continue to be able to help with these fundraising efforts on a larger scale. The following year, Katy was hit hard by Hurricane Harvey, and we flooded. As difficult as that experience was, the moment that sticks in my head the most was the blessing that came via an 8 am doorbell on the morning after we flooded. An army of friends, neighbors, and people we had never met from the Katy community were outside our door with tools, trash bags, and bleach in hand ready to help. Within weeks, even with our home completely gutted, we began meeting regularly with our partners to buy our first stand and get our company off the ground, more determined than ever to help give back to this amazing community that had been there for us. 

“Community Partner” continues to be a major part of our business model. While establishing our company and as we continue to grow, we have made it a point to seek out local and other family owned businesses in our surrounding communities for our business services. We are also excited that this season we could begin fundraising efforts with school and local organizations.

 If you are interested in becoming a Community Partner with Rock N Boom Fireworks, please reach out to us.

We are “Home Blown in Katy” and would love to join forces with you!

Fireworks stand in Katy TX